The glass cage automation and us pdf

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the glass cage automation and us pdf

The Glass Cage Automation and U - Nicholas Carr | Autonomous Car | Capitalism

I f you want to understand the human consequences of automation, says Nicholas Carr, look up. Airlines and plane manufacturers have been at the forefront of the technology that has gradually replaced human judgment with a set of computer algorithms. Where planes have led, he claims, all else is now following. Computers can now parse legal documents and develop trial strategies. They can design buildings, trade shares and diagnose diseases. The process that began with Japanese robots taking over the work of skilled labourers is now extending into all areas of working life.
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Published 15.01.2019

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

The Glass Cage: How Our Computers Are Changing Us - Kindle edition by Nicholas Carr persuades us that we should do it wisely―with mindful automation.

'The Glass Cage' asks: Will automation rob us of our skills?

Exhibit A: Electronic medical records. Studies have proved that checking records, possible diagnoses and drug interactions on a computer during a medical examination can interfere with what should be not only a fact-based investigation but a deeply human, partly intuitive and empathetic process. One tiny but telling detail: Handwritten records allow physicians to pick out and attend to the comments of individual colleagues. Exhibit B: The workplace. People are pushed further and further out of. He should have descended, in order to gain speed and subsequent lift. And so on.

Nicholas Carr wonders how human beings will learn to enjoy technology — without losing the edge that comes from striving. September 29, Do devices and programs dull our senses? Are we — as tech critics sometimes suggest — outsourcing our brains? Opening with his struggle to master a stick-shift car as a teenager, Carr describes how, at first, he was befuddled by the manual transmission, causing his car to buck, lurch, and stall.

Read the whole book, if you want to understand the dangers that many forms of automative intermediation pose to what Carr and I, and I bet you think is the best way of living in the world.
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