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magic white and black pdf

(PDF) Black and White Magic Marie LaVeau | Katerpillar Changes -

Introduction: Spiritual Law in the Natural World. The meaning of "Magic" — The Life principle — Man's spiritual nature — Magicians and mediums — Man and the universe — The inner world — God, science, religion, superstition — Mystic and mysticism — Truth and fiction — The Bible allegories — Soul -knowledge and brain-speculation — Self-knowledge and theories — Realisation by experience — Selfishness — The false Egos — Elementals — Spiritual germs and their growth — Asceticism — Visionaries and dreamers — The wisdom religion — The "sons of darkness" and the "children of light" — Spiritual evolution. The Ideal. The ideal self — Realisation of ideals — Truth — Meditation — Prayer — God prays to himself — Interior revelation — The universal ideal — Christianity — Theosophists — Identity of revelations — Perception of truth — Self-control — Intuition and logical inferences — The Adepts — False science — Nature — Medicine of the future — Faith is spiritual knowledge — Mind-substance — Invisible beings — Object of life and its necessities — Alchemy. The Real and the Unreal. Primordial essence — The abstract ideas — Character and purpose — Reincarnation — The Ego — Self-consciousness before and after death — The spiritual man — Relative existence — Unreality of external appearances — Matter and motion — Consciousness — Objective and subjective existence — The unknown One — Imagination — Perception — The "Fall" — Creation — The inner senses — States of mind — -Dualism — God and idols. Creation of forms — Spirit — Soul — Matter — The seven principles — The four planes of existence — The "resurrection of the flesh" — Spheres and auras — Psychic emanations — Physical and astral forms — Elementaries — "Materialisations" — Necromancy — "Doubles" — Wraiths — Apparitions — Ghosts — Spirits of nature — Gnomes — Sylphs — Undives — Salamanders — Spiritual beings — Planetary spirits — Emotions and their origin — Organisation of forms on the various planes — Daemons Obsession — Spirits of music — The Creator and his creatures — Witchcraft — Astral appearances — Spiritism — Spooks — Spirits of the "dead" — Devas — Unconscious exercise of magic power — Protection against evil spells.
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The Magic (hindi)- Jadu book by Rhonda Byrne - जादू-

Black and White Magic by Marie Laveau - compiled by Anna Riva (1991).pdf

Empieza a leer el libro. Resumen This book was originally written for the purpose of disenchanting certain credulous inquirers, who fancied that the exercise of spiritual powers could be taught by teaching them certain incantations and formulas. It was to prove that spiritual powers must be developed before they can be exercised, and to explain the conditions necessary for their development. Since the appearance of the previous edition, a little additional knowledge, gained by the experiences of my own inner life, has enabled me to make certain corrections; to sift out much of what was irrelevant, and to remodel a great deal of what was incorrectly expressed. Moreover in this edition an attempt has been made to answer the numerous questions which have been addressed to me by the readers of "Magic". The most serious objection which has been made against this book has been on account of its title; but the causes which induced me to select such a title were suggested by the purpose for which the book was intended; nor would I at present be able to find one more appropriate for it, for "Magic" means that divine art or exercise of spiritual power by which the awakened spirit in man controls the invisible living elements in the soul-substance of the universe; but, above all, those in his own soul, which are the ones nearest to him.

Jacob Boehme, the great theosophist, says in regard to the study of Occultism: "If you desire to investigate the divine mysteries of nature, investigate first your own mind, and ask yourself about the purity of your purpose. Do you desire to put the good teachings which you may receive into practice for the benefit of humanity? Are you ready to renounce all selfish desires, which cloud your mind and hinder you to see the clear light of eternal truth? Are you willing to become an instrument for the manifestation of Divine Wisdom? Do you know what it means to become united with your own higher Self, to get rid of your lower Self, to become one with the living universal power of Good, and to die to your own insignificant terrestrial personality?

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  2. AT the foot of the picture is a sleeping Sphinx, whose upper part representing the higher principles is human; while the lower parts symbolising the lower principles are of an animal nature.

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