Slugs and bugs books of the bible

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slugs and bugs books of the bible

Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs (Vol 2) – Christian Book Discounters

The Book! We are people of the Book. We love the Bible and want its truth on our lips and in our hearts. The Music! The music on this album is phenomenal. This is the real game-changer. Having spent a lot of my childhood in Africa, and the rest in Appalachia, this music is the real deal.
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Slugs & Bugs New Testament Song

Most of them are pretty obvious, but a few might make you flip open your Bibles!

Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs (Vol 2)

As well as having such a child-friendly name, Randall also has considerable music credibility, being a long-time musical associate of the critically acclaimed songsmith Andrew Peterson. He managed, though, to find time to talk to Cross Rhythms about his life in music. Born Randall Kilpatrick Goodgame on 15th February , by the time he was nine years old, he'd begun taking piano lessons with his older brother and younger sister. By 15 he was studying under blind Brazilian pianist Manfredo Fest and while in high school was performing in the jazz band of his high school in Clearwater, Florida. He studied music and biology at Birmingham-Southern College, and later, on weekends and vacations from college, was the keyboardist for Southern rock unit, Black Creek Band, who released an album 'Live From Gainsville' during his tenure. In December , Goodgame released his first album, ' Randall Goodgame '.

with Slugs & Bugs

That's the Old Testament - In Uganda!

Was looking for something to listen to with our wee one in the car that we would enjoy too and this is it. We just love this as a family. I love this CD, possibly more than my children, though we are all happy to have it playing in the car. It definitely does resonate with them too, and they are very excited when they come across bible readings when they already know the sung version. My 3 year old daughter loves these Bible songs. My teenaged daughter and I love the music as well. As a believer in Jesus, I highly recommend this CD!

Miss the conversation with Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer? Here it is again just in case you want to give it a listen! Get a copy for yourself if you loved it as much as we did! Just in time for a bedtime story! In our homes, we are always looking for positive media to be the soundtrack for our lives. We hope this show continues to help build that soundtrack for your home. So grateful to spend time with these special people!

That is, the Most Singable Version. Goodgame somewhere in the picture. Love the video! Thanks for sharing the fun tune! Goodgame… and it also did my heart good to see Ben with his siblings. Perfect timing!

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