Buy and sell books online philippines

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buy and sell books online philippines

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Where to buy books in the Philippines?

10 Online Booksellers in the Philippines

In this day and age, all it takes is a click of a mouse or a tap of a finger — and right from the comfort of your desk or couch, at that. Amazon and its subsidiary, Book Depository, are two of the foremost enablers of online book shopping. But their downside is that you have to pay full price for books that are brand new, as is the case with the local bricks-and-mortar chains Fully Booked, National Book Store, and Powerbooks. Online, though, is where secondhand book shopping gets really interesting, if a bit overwhelming. AbeBooks, another Amazon subsidiary, and Better World Books are just a couple of the established sites that sell used books. But while the books themselves may come cheap from such sites, the accompanying international shipping fees are often anything but. This is where locally based used booksellers with their respective online presence enter the picture, or the narrative, as it were.

Forgot your password? Remember me? For when you want more books, but don't want to deal with traffic But what's lovelier is having more time to actually read those books. Thanks to online bookshops, more hours can be devoted to staying in and spending the whole day reading a book instead of getting stuck in traffic or having to deal with people that's time consuming! The best thing about these stores is that they sell items not often seen in mainstream ones.

Not only is this a good way to declutter your space, but it will also give other people a chance to save money. Prime books are best sold in online classified ads and auction sites. I suggest you follow my tips on a couple of previous articles I wrote to help you sell these books online:. However, it seems that Amazon offers the best deal for your books as I tried to sell my Harry Potter 6 book and got the highest quote from them. Furthermore, most of these websites will pay you through Paypal , so better have an account before you start. Of course there are other options you can do like swapping your books or selling them in local bookstores and thrift shops. You can also be more generous and just donate them to libraries, schools, and other charities.

Here are online buying sites where you can score some reads.

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From school textbooks to novels, these items often collect dust and occupy space. Check out these simple steps to make selling your books online faster and easier. KonMari your Books. The tidying technique of organizing consultant Marie Kondo has recently taken the world by storm. Just gather your books and hold them one-by-one and see if you feel any kind of special connection to it - in short, if it sparks joy. Yes, it will be a bit difficult, but it would be surely be worth it.

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