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I Thought My Soul Would Rise And Fly by Fernide Lafrance on Prezi

It was the seventh book in Scholastic's Dear America. The book was published in October and republished in July with new cover art. They ran over when I reached the arbor. I felt as though my soul would rise and fly, as our song says. We walked together to the spinning house. I will call it a schoolroom—even though it's not a real schoolroom, and I am not a real teacher.
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I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: The Diary of Patsy, a Freed Girl

What was it like to be a slave one day and be free the next? What do you do with that freedom when slavery is all you've known? How does it feel to be thought of as a slow dunce only to carry inside you a fire for learning, a love for books, and the secret that you can read and write? The idea for Hansen's addition to the Dear America series came to her while she was working on another book. She says, "A few years ago when I was writing a nonfiction book on Reconstruction, I read the diary of a woman, Emma Holmes, who had lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during and after the Civil War. In a May entry, she describes a servant girl, a former slave, named Ann. She wrote that Ann was 'lame, solitary, very dull, slow, timid, and friendless.

RSS Feeds. A few months after Congress ratified the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery, life for Patsy, a freed girl, hasn't changed a great deal. She still lives on the plantation where she was raised since infancy and works in the house of her former master and mistress.
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