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romeo and juliet code book

The Children's War: The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone

Felicity has a stuffed bear named Wink who reminded me of Paddington for some reason. And her American family is odd enough to people the pages of a fantasy novel rather than the straight historical fiction that this story purports to be. Strange, but right. If any of that admixture sounds like your cuppa, you might want to check out this Brit-comes-to-America-and-finds-a-home story of a girl nicknamed Flissy. Just know that Romeo and Juliet play a rather small part in the whole gallimaufry. I'm a Christian, the homeschooling mom of eight yes, all mine children, married to a NASA engineer, and a confirmed bookaholic.
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Romeo and Juliet Audiobook by William Shakespeare

The Romeo And Juliet Code book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A sudden trip to a seaside house. A boy with brown sugar .

The Romeo And Juliet Code

Rate this book. Felicity's glamorous parents have a secret. When they leave her with distant relatives in Maine, Felicity hopes they won't leave her long. Her new Uncle Gideon hides things. Her Aunt Miami is star-crossed. And Derek, a kid her age, refuses to leave his room.

It seems unfair that my attention was first drawn to The Romeo and Juliet Code because of its cover. Oh my. No book, as I say, deserves to be held responsible for the sins of its jacket, but this book has sins of its own above and beyond its packaging. Ostensibly a kind of mystery for kids, folks with a low twee tolerance would do best to steer clear of this one. It is indeed beloved in its own right but this particular reviewer found its style to be strangely grating. As historical fiction goes, this does not go to the top of my list. Flissy has found herself unceremoniously dumped.

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And then the letters start coming, in slim blue Air Mail envelopes. Felicity is sure they're from her parents, but if so, why are they in code? Will Felicity discover just what the Bathburns are hiding? Can one person heal an entire family-all while in the throes of her first big crush? It's a tall order for a small girl, but Felicity is determined to crack the Romeo and Juliet code. Felicity Bathburn Budwig is only eleven years old when she must leave England in the dark of night to travel with her parents, Winnie and Danny, across the sea to America.

P raise for The Romeo and Juliet Code. Bright and bold Felicity Bathburn Budwig's parents leave her with her father's family in Maine, without an explanation, far from her beloved and endangered home in England. In addition to culture shock, year-old Felicity is frustrated with her quirky and closed-mouthed relatives, including secretive Uncle Gideon and Shakespeare-obsessed Aunt Miami. When Uncle Gideon begins receiving letters from Portugal in her father's handwriting, Felicity and Captain Derek, a year-old recovering from polio, set out to find answers and solve the many mysteries of the "large, dark house full of rifts and lies. I saw many, many of them getting on trains in London Stone's accomplished tale provides a romantic yet realistic perspective on family, perseverance, and adaptation. Starred Review From Horn Book.

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