Sons and lovers book summary

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sons and lovers book summary

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The sense of elation didn't last long. He worried whether it might benefit from a foreword and belatedly posted one to Garnett. Beneath these worries lay a deeper worry, about the text itself: "I am a great admirer of my own stuff while it's new, but after a while I'm not so gone on it," he admitted. He was already on to the next thing a draft of what would become The Rainbow , and had "scarcely the patience" to correct the proofs. But he was proud when a finished copy reached him in Italy. I think it is so. Lawrence was right.
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D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers: Summary & Analysis

She is most devoted to her eldest son, William. Her second, sensitive son, Paul, grows up and works in a factory while painting on the side. William dies of a skin disease, and Mrs. Morel plunges into grief. Rededicating her life to Paul revives her, and the two become inseparable. Paul, now a young man, spends a great deal of time with Miriam Leiver , a chaste, religious girl who lives on a nearby farm. Their Platonic relationship is intense and romantic, but they never approach physical intimacy.

Meet Gertrude Morel, a vibrant and ambitious young woman who has some really great ideas. Unfortunately, in earlyth-century British society, women don't get many opportunities to discuss ideas. So, instead of talking, she goes to parties and entertains herself by trying to find out as much as she can about the other guests. You know, kind of like how we ride the bus with our sunglasses on just so we can stare at people. Anyway, one day, Gertrude comes across a man who's unlike anyone she's ever met. His name?

There can be no argument that D.
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The first part of the novel focuses on Mrs. Morel and her unhappy marriage to a drinking miner. She has many arguments with her husband, some of which have painful results: on separate occasions, she is locked out of the house and hit in the head with a drawer. Estranged from her husband, Mrs. Morel takes comfort in her four children, especially her sons. Her oldest son, William, is her favorite, and she is very upset when he takes a job in London and moves away from the family.

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  1. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Sons and Lovers. The first part of the novel focuses on Mrs. Morel and her unhappy marriage to a.

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