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the spider and the fly 2017 book

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When buying a book, I tend to all but ignore the little grabs of quotes from admirers and reviewers plastered all over the cover the irony of this does not escape me. From people I know and whose opinions I trust. Writers I like. From Anna, the keeper of my local bookstore. But the thing about The Spider and the Fly is that all of the quotes and grabs on the cover are, pardon the pun, dead right.
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The Spider and The Fly by Mary Howitt

‘The Spider and the Fly’: tangled strands between a reporter and a serial killer

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Book Excerpt: 'The Spider And The Fly'

The author and illustrator, Tony DiTerlizzi , based this book on a poem by Mary Howitt originally written in The Spider and the Fly became a Caldecott Honor book in The Spider and the Fly presents the poem of the same name , composed by Mary Howitt , as a picture book, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi. The book contains 40 pages and is intended for children ages 5 and up. The plot is conveyed by a series of monochrome drawings, which set the events around the eponymous spider's home.

Writers are drawn to a crime scene like flies to rotting flesh, and so when a serial killer was caught in her town of Poughkeepsie, N. Kendall Francois was a notorious local john repeatedly reported for abusing women throughout the late '90s. But it wasn't until police took out a warrant to raid his family's home that they found a hoarder's den filled with garbage, rotting food, mold and human bodies. Maggots fell from the attic where Francois had stashed his victims in plastic bags and a kiddie pool. A Seattle Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Rowe ravenously hunts down vignettes of derangement and despair. Francois is described as a "hoarder of dead bodies and old candy wrappers.

For two years, he piled their bodies in the attic of a house he shared with his mother and his two younger siblings. At the time of these murders, current Seattle Times education reporter, Claudia Rowe, was working in Poughkeepsie as a stringer for the New York Times. She wanted the story, but she also wanted to know the culprit; she wanted to get inside his head. Along the way, she investigates her motives for investigating him. Her central question: Why would she, a well-off white woman, develop an addiction to the mind of an obese black man who brutalized women, the majority of whom sort of resembled her? The reader's response: You don't have to do this, you don't have to do this, who cares about why this guy did it, oh my god, why are you doing this?

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