The book on mergers and acquisitions

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the book on mergers and acquisitions

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Amazon acquired social media platform Goodreads last year for a rumored nine figures. And the summer of saw the closure of the largest merger in book publishing history: The combination of the two biggest publishers in the world. We are now solidly in an era of mergers, acquisitions and other financial activity in the boring, steady industry of book publishing. The disruption of ebooks and digital publishing has led to the creation of dozens of start-ups now seeking capitalization and exits see: Goodreads , Bookish. The disruption of ebooks and digital publishing has been good to some companies and not so good to others. Both states create an incentive to both buy and sell. If a company has grown through the disruption, it has cash and can look at acquiring companies that have shrunk and that need to get acquired or fail.
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Merger And Acquisition Basics - By Kunal Doshi, CFA

Mergers and Acquisitions Basics

Select Location NA. While it is no secret that Investment Banking has forever been, one of the most alluring fields, especially with the sophistication and grace that stock exchange and the Wall Street have both gathered, in the recent few years. Investment banking as a field branches out to various sub fields, which include corporate finance, wealth management and mergers and acquisitions to name a few. Of these, mergers and acquisitions have gone on to become one of the most sought-after fields, in terms of career choices. This is why a lot of candidates. This book is like the complete guide of basics, about everything that you must know about the field of Mergers and Acquisition. The writing, which takes on a very lucid manner, makes this book an indispensable guide for a beginner.

A couple of publishers were involved in niche divestitures. Publisher Jonathan Kurtz explained the sale by saying he wanted to return the publisher to its nonfiction roots. Prometheus expanded into fiction in with the launch of Pyr, which focuses on science fiction and fantasy novels. In , it added the crime fiction imprint Seventh Street Books. The two biggest deals involving independent publishers were the purchase of Arcadia Publishing by the newly formed Lezen Acquisition and the acquisition of audiobook publisher and e-tailer RBmedia by the private equity firm KKR.

This manual is designed as a resource for people involved in all facets of mergers and acquisitions. The steps involved in the M&A process (merger and.
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Some of them and many other we offer in our e-library. The journey from strategy to operating success depends on creating an organization that can deliver the chosen strategy. This book, explaining the Operating Model Canvas, shows you how to do this. It teaches you how to define the main work processes, choose an organization structure, develop a high-level blueprint of the IT systems, decide where to locate and how to lay out floor plans, set up relationships with suppliers and design a management system and scorecard with which to run the new organization. The Operating Model Canvas helps you to create a target operating model aligned to your strategy. The list of failures or destroyed value in the sector is long.

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