Similarities between romeo and juliet book and movie

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similarities between romeo and juliet book and movie

Book vs. Movie: Romeo snd Juliet by Katelyn Mendez on Prezi

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets to ever walk this earth with his great playwrights and poems. Famous for many, one that includes Romeo and Juliet. In the movie Luhrmann has cut off a few lines and partial roles to make the movie how it is today. The lines that were cut off were replaced with visuals yet there are two major key events that were largely affected by the change which include when the two love birds first meet at the masquerade ball and second their death scene, the last moment they had together. This scene includes the dramatic moment when the lovebirds first cross-eyes together.
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Romeo and Juliet (2013)

Welcome readers to my new blog post! Today´s idea is to identify the differences and similarities between Romeo and Juliet´s book and film.

A comparison between film and drama: Romeo and Juliet

Add A Character. Add A Difference. The two are family run corporations that are against each other. Romeo goes to the Capulet crypt to find Juliet's body and encounters Paris there. Romeo kills him. Romeo doesn't encounter anyone at the crypt and Paris is not killed.

Topics: Comparison and Contrast , Play. Thesis Statement: Compare and contrast Romeo and Juliet play and movie — a short summary of similarities and differences. Some similarities are the clothing, setting, and ending. Some differences are the characters, and scenes. One similarity is the clothing that the actors wore in the play and movie. In both, the clothing was from the Elizabethan era. Another similarity is the setting.

It has been adapted into screenplays, and remade countless times. The character of Romeo is a lovesick man who keeps. Davies, Anthony. With these films, Anthony delves into them while dissecting specific scenes to compare how they are different or similar. Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, is a tragic love story about two young lovers who are forced to be estranged as a result of their feuding families.

Romeo and Juliet

In the following essay I intend to show you what Shakespeare wanted to say with his drama Romeo and Juliet. The main conflict of this drama is still timely. I plan to exhibit differences and what they have in common. I will begin with a general overview concering Romeo and Juliet. The drama takes place during the 16th centuy in Verona. The film, on the contrary, is a modern 20th century production which is also set in Verona.

This version is very modernized, but keeps the language intact with few changes. These stories contain the same characters and conflict, however major and minor discrepancies are galore in the story lines of both formats of William Shakespeare's creation. Some major inconsistencies occur, such as Mercutio dying at a beach, portrayed as a hero, instead of being at a bar, looking like a fool, Friar Lawrence's. It has been adapted into screenplays, and remade countless times. The character of Romeo is a lovesick man who keeps.

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